momentum research

Our facial coding research is informed by the latest findings in neuroscience on how decisions are made. People make choices in a split second as the emotional and cognitive centres of the brain reach a decision before the person is even aware of it. How the brain immediately responds is shown by facial expressions, created by signals sent directly to the facial muscles. In the case of marketing material it tells us whether it has engaged the unconscious brain. We record and then analyse facial expressions of emotion at the decisive moment when the respondent is shown the ad, the brand, or product feature (or tastes the beverage, or applies the lotion).
The Benefits By capturing the response of each consumer at the decisive moment, we are able to predict the likely success of a price point, an ad, service innovation, product feature, or visual identity. Facial coding also has a key role in sensory product testing. In contrast to verbal information, it captures the immediate bodily responses to the taste of coffee flavours for example, or the feel of a body lotion.
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