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Emotion categories

empirically established after hundreds of hours of interviewing

Nonverbal Expressions of Emotion

It is now commonplace to identify emotions on webcam as respondents watch TV ads by computer algorithms, usually programmed to recognise the seven ‘basic’ emotions.


However, using trained coders with the natural human ability to instantly recognise subtle and mixed emotions is a more flexible and powerful method. The expertise at Momentum Research comes from eight years and hundreds of hours analysing the facial expressions and body language of consumers.


In analysing video footage we look at each respondent's facial expressions and body language at each second. This builds into a detailed picture of which communications or product concepts provoke an emotional response.


The analysis detects ten key emotions: active engagement; boredom; discomfort; disengagement; displeasure; humour; pleasure; puzzlement; sadness; surprise.


This list of key emotions - each with clear-cut facial actions and body language - has been developed over time, based on relevance in testing marketing communications, video games, TV ads and programme content. It constitutes the complete test of any type of advertising, branding, TV ad or programme content.


Manual Coding of Facial Expressions and Body Language - Using the Results

At each second of a TV ad or programme, or within two seconds of a still image being shown, we record the emotion.

This builds to a detailed set of metrics on the incidence of each emotion and the key moments when emotions are identified. This enables us to measure the effectiveness of ads, video games and indeed any creative material.


The System 1 Brain

Much is said about the importance of measuring the responses of the subconscious brain.

These expressions of emotion can come and go in less than a fifth of a second. This is the powerful, precise and reliable way to capture consumers’ System 1 responses.


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