Meat Consumption - Five Consumer Types
Advertising Images Tested
Advertising statements tested
Advertising Images - Verbal Summary
Advertising Images - Non-Verbal Summary
Advertising statements - Summary of scores
Price – Perceptions and Comparisons
Taste – Experience and Expectations
Children – Attitudes to Plant Based Meat
Health – the Neglected Motivator
Closing the Culture Gap
A Nudge? Facts about the Environment
Appendix: Capturing Non-Verbal Metrics
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The most comprehensive collection of subtle and mixed expressions of emotion, divided into four categories: Positive, Negative, Cognitive and Mind/Body - each video with a description and set of stills Also 34 videos showing the signs of positive and negative emotions - each with a description of body language, identifying the key signs.

A collection featuring real people expressing real emotions, from glee to embarrassment, from distress to enjoyment. Consists of 55 examples of subtle emotions, taken from in-depth interviews on a wide range of topics. Each short video clip is shown first in real time, then in slow motion- each clip broken down into numbered stills which can be swiped through - accompanied by detailed notes on changes to the face and body language. Contains three written chapters on facial expression reading, its history and place within today's neuroscience.

This interactive book is a learning tool designed for those on the autism spectrum,  but is useful for anyone who wishes to sharpen their abilities in reading facial expressions. It features 28 videoclips of real emotions being displayed. Each is accompanied by still images and a detailed description. The examples have been chosen because they are recognisable and not too difficult to interpret. Students are asked to watch the video and to identify three actions which occur in the few seconds in which the emotion is being displayed. Students are given six options and asked to identify three key actions.